My First Adventure: Camp Thailand (Part 2)

After spending 2 days in Bangkok (catch up here), we were ready to set off for Surin on a 7 hour bus journey. This bus journey really wasn’t as bad as expecting and it gave us a chance to catch up on the sleep we had missed out on. Plus it was one of the nicest buses I have ever been on (reclining seats, individual TV screens, hostess etc; nothing like buses in England!)

Chilling out on the bus to Surin

Once we arrived in Surin, we chose our room mates and got settled into our rooms. The room I stayed in accomdated 4 people with 2 sets of bunk beds. We unpacked and went to the ‘clubhouse’ for a welcome meal and drinks. The clubhouse was cosy and welcoming, we spent many nights here relaxing and watching films. The following day we travelled about an hour on the tuk tuks to the lake where we relaxed and got to know our camp mates more. We rented a thatched roof boat, made good use of the water activities and ate the gorgeous fresh food served at the lake. That night, we went out to explore Surin. There are a number of lovely bars and restaurants in Surin, including a nightclub where we spent many a nights singing our hearts out in the karaoke nights. If you’ve never sang karaoke before you will definitely be  a pro after Camp Thailand!

Relaxing on the swing at the Clubhouse

Once orientated to Surin, the serious stuff then began as we started our 4 weeks of teaching English. Although I say ‘serious’, teaching was very enjoyable and we were encouraged to have lots of fun with the children as part of our lessons. Keep an eye out on my blog for more posts about teaching English, life in Surin and other adventures!

Pretending that we can sing at Karaoke

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